)))~ We first heard of Silken Windhounds through a friend. At first, we were not impressed with the Silken as we had Borzoi. Time changed that though and after taking a very good look at them, we fell in love. In 2004 two Silkens made our home their home. From the start, the idea was to enjoy them as companions, to possibly breed two litters and to be a part of this young and wonderful breed.

We now have Indigo, Maya, River, Dream, Belita and Fin.

  Our Silken goal is to raise a few quality litters with as much early mental and physical stimulation as possible, with socialization and exercise for healthy temperaments and bodies. The work we have done with obedience classes and private training has taught us how important temperament is for companion animals and we truly feel that if you donít have a sound temperament, you do not have a sound companion, performance or show animal.

  Our main interest with sighthounds is in the performance venue. We enjoy lure coursing and racing. To us there is nothing quite as beautiful as a dog doing what it was bred to do or doing what it loves to do.

And, yes, it's just our opinion, but they are so sweet and wonderful as a breed! ~(((


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