A Brief History of Silken Windhounds (adapted from silkenwindhound/history &ISWS)

)))~ The idea to make a smaller, coated sight hound similar to the Borzoi, was founded by Francie Stull in 1975. It was determined that this new breed would be carefully bred to be small-medium in size, with a wonderful temperament, an easy to care for longer coat, healthy, retaining the poise and sporting heritage of sight hounds.

Nearly a decade later, that idea began to be realized with the purchase of longhaired sighthound from Walter Wheeler’s Windsprite Kennels and a Borzoi pup from Stillwater Kennels’ “Virginia Reel.” Thus, the first breeding for a Silken Windhound was made between Windsprite Autumnal Xenon and Stillwater Kristull Peacock.

         Windsprite Autumnal Xenon

Stillwater Kristull Peacock


Francie combined her experience of breeding more than two hundred champion Borzoi with her educational background in genetics and started down the road to Silken Windhounds. The foundation dogs were from some of the best show and coursing Borzoi lines in the United States, Windsprite’s whippet-like hounds, and a single Whippet imported from Peruvian Kridoni Kennel infusing blood into the breed from some of the most influential Whippet lines in the Americas today.

“What has resulted from the wish I had in 1975,” states Francie, “is a magnificent little hound that seems especially designed to fill a surprising gap in the line-up of Sighthound breeds -- a medium sized elegant hound with long hair. The Silken Windhound is the perfect breed to fill that empty spot. They are small, typically 18-24 inches, with devoted, loving and confident personalities. Their easy-care coat comes in all colors, from pure white to pure black, with reds, creams, brindles and silvers in solid and spotted patterns to suit the most discriminating taste.” ~(((

)))~ Typically, Silkens live very healthy, active lives. While most live into their late teens, the oldest known Silken lived a few months past her 20th birthday.

After years of selective breeding, Silken Windhounds arrived as a breed with the first litter whelped in 1987. In 1998 the name Silken Windhound was officially adopted and the Yahoo Windhounds list was formed.

The International Silken Windhound Society, chartered in 1999, maintains all pedigrees and DNA verified registrations for the breed. The ISWS closed its stud book in 2000.

In what seems like the blink of an eye, Silken Windhounds are now found throughout the United States as well as Bahamas, Canada, Finland, Germany, Japan, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Union of South Africa, and United Kingdom. While members of the ISWS continue to move forward towards entry into AKC's program for registering a new breed, these loyal Silken companions are active in conformation, coursing, and racing events as well as working as service dogs and training for cancer detection. ~(((


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)))~ And then Don & Hutsie bought some!!!! ~(((